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The Golden Beach

OCTOBER 13, 2019

KARL NEWMAN Seek and You Shall Find reve

I found myself captive in a boat

Six strong men had me tied up and bound

They intended on rowing me out to deep waters and throwing me into the sea

I knew they had strong intent to do this

We are now in deep waters and I am fully bound up

A voice then commands the six men to let me go

They have to row to the shore and release me in shallow water

The command comes from high in the sky

I am then dropped in shallow water and the six strong men let me go

I find myself standing on a golden beach

The sand is made of particles of gold

The sky is golden and a warm golden light envelopes everything

I am no longer bound except my hands which are bound with a golden pair of manacles

I do not understand why I my hands are still bound but in gold

Then a loud voice the same as the one that commanded the strong men to release me says

‘Even the things that bind you will be a blessing’

Then I woke up.


Living Fire © 2020

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