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The Desert and the Oil of Gladness

OCTOBER 13, 2019

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I dreamt and found myself standing alone in a desert.

The sun beat down and I could feel the atmosphere as if I was there, sand hot beneath my feet.

The rolling sand dunes were as far as the eye could see and there was no growth of anything anywhere.

I felt no fear or emotion but just stood thinking and observing.

Then in the distance I saw a small figure running across the dunes, he wore nothing but a cloth around his waist.

As I watched him I could see that he was running in my direction.

Sometimes he went out of sight as he ran down into a valley in the dunes but then would reappear.

I wondered how someone could run in such heat.

As he got closer I could see that he had a beard and was quite thin, his body glistened as if wet with sweat.

I now knew that he was coming towards me.

Before long he ran right up to me and bent over as if out of breath.

He was wet from head to toe with oil, the oil dripped off his head and down his beard.

In my dream I knew that this was Jesus, and the oil was called Gladness.

He needed no water because he was sustained by the oil.

Then he looked up, looked me in the eye and laughed.

It was the most genuine and pleasant laugh that I had ever heard.

In his presence I felt completely loved and accepted.

Then I noticed that despite being sustained by the oil His feet were bleeding because of running in the hot sand.

And I wondered, “What did this mean?”

Then the dream ended.


The desert was my desert, my life.

He ran into it with the Oil of Gladness.

His feet bled but still he ran to me to bless me.

And He laughed with joy.

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